After linking your demo store to the live domain, you might want to avoid having customers visit your store, while it’s still under construction, so they see it like that and not come back. To restrict  that, you have the option of enabling the maintenance mode, where you can have a “coming soon” message, to make sure your customers come back knowing the store shall be launched soon.

In Order to enable/disable the maintenance mode you can follow the below steps:

  • From your admin panel, go to System> Store Setup > Store Maintenance.
  • Click on the Settings tab to expand, then kindly complete the following:
    • Store Maintenance?: select Yes to enable the extension.
    • Frontend Access for Admins?: select Yes to be able to check the store from your side.
    • Allowed IPs (comma separated): Click on the Add Current IP button under the field.
    • If you wish to add multiple IP Addresses, add a comma between each IP Address and the other.  
    • Maintenance Page HTML Code: the code that is added inside the textbox refers to the default maintenance mode template. Kindly don’t change the code unless you know how or send a ticket to check with us.

store maintenance - settings

  • Click on Save Config button once you finish.

Once the store is live you can simply disable the maintenance mode by selecting No from Store Maintenance? field.


After enabling the extension, the below image should appear to your customers, and only on their end: