Products images play the major factor in driving your store’s visitors into making a conversion. In this article, we will focus on how to prepare your product’s images and the major things to take into your consideration

- Resolution:

Small pixelated images are not effective as a sales tool and in order to give a clear view and show more details of the product to your potential customers, the best practice is to always upload high-resolution images with a minimum width of 1000 pixels and avoid pixelated images. The recommended size for all ShopGo’s available themes is 1100 x 1100 pixels.

Here is a comparison between High and Low resolution for the same product image, which one do you think is more efficient for your visitors’ online experience?


- White Background:

Most of the online shopping stores use a white background as a standard background for all their products’ images. White background gives your product a cleaner visualization and decreases distraction when your visitors view your catalog whether on the catalog and/or product detailed page.

Also, having a unified white background for your online catalog will save you time and money by speeding up the process of editing all the products images.


- Search Engine Optimized Images:

There are three main factors for an optimized product image that you need to consider:

1- Image loading time: Large image sizes can increase the time needed from your visitors to load a specific products page, and the more the loading time increases the higher the chance is to lose a conversion. Therefore, we recommend that you optimize your products image for lower sizes while avoiding affecting the quality of the image.

There are many available image editing software, like PhotoShop and GIMP Image, which has an image optimization feature for the website. Below example is using PhotoShop Save for Web feature:


2- Image Filename: In order to have a better search engine optimized images, you must avoid naming your images random names or stick to the original file name from your camera or smartphone (i.e. IMG_21001.jpg). To get better results when visitors search for a specific keyword, you must consider renaming your images to more related and descriptive keywords, (i.e. Black and Blue Women Skirt.jpg)

3- Image Alt Text: Image text alternative helps search engines determine what the image is about and also determine the topic of the surrounding text, therefore to have more search engine optimized images you are recommended to add image alt text. Below example displays where to place your product-image alt text



By the end of this Article, you should be able to prepare your images in order to start uploading your products with professional and clear images.