” connects your website or application to all major credit cards as well as expensive range of local payments, all through one simple interface. ” 


Accepted Card Types accepts all major credit cards from Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Time to set up

First thing you need to do is create an account with The rough time estimate it requires is 10king days.

Generally it’s better to visit for more up-to-date information.

Current Fees

There are different types of fees, it’s worth double checking the transaction and setup fees. It’s also good to read following article: “What Payment Method Should I Choose First“.

 Setup fees
 Transaction fees
 Transaction Rate
 Monthly fees

How to set up? 

First, send a ticket to your On Boarding Specialist sharing your chosen payment method, after you get in touch with and receive your credentials, follow steps below:

  • From your admin panel go to “System”>”Advanced”>”Setting”
  • Click on “Payment methods” under “Sales”
  • Click on “ credit card (Non PCI version)” tab to expand, and then complete the following fields:
    • From “Enabled drop down menu select “Yes”
    • In the “Title” text field, type in the title that you want to show to your customers on the checkout page ex. Credit Card
    • In the “Private shared key” text field, add the key that should be provided from
    • Add the secret key that should be provided from in the “Secret Key” text field. This is used to encrypt the information between your store’s checkout page and
    • Add the public key that should be provided by in the “Public Key” text field. This is used to encrypt the information between your store’s checkout page and
    • “Payment Action”: There are two options, first is “Authorize only”: means that on the checkout page, only the card is authorized and the necessary amount of money is blocked or captured, but it’s up to the merchant to manually hit a button to capture the amount – only then is the money sent by VISA. This is a risk mitigation tool that allows the merchants to do follow-ups with their customers and decide whether or not they’re comfortable with the order. Second is “Authorize and Capture”: means that on the checkout page the customer completes the transaction straight away – it’s a straight purchase and the merchant doesn’t need to hit the capture button manually.
    • “Order Status when capture”: Set it to “Processing”.
    • “New order status”: Set it to “Processing”.
    • “Payment from Applicable Countries”: If you want to make an available option to all customers from all countries, select “All Allowed Counties”, if not select “Specific Countries”.
    • “Payment from Specific Countries”: Select the specific countries that you want to appear in the checkout page. (To select countries, click on CMD/Shift on your keyboard)
    • Endpoint URL mode: When going on live production, Endpoint URL mode should be set to “live”. For demo store mode set it to “Sandbox”.
  • Once you finish click on “Save Config” button.


Disclaimer reserves the right to update and change its information by posting updates and changes to their website online. You are advised to check their policies and fees from time to time for any updates or changes that may impact you.

* is quite international, check with your On Boarding Specialist during your Payment & Shipping Call (if your package offers it) to know  the details about your country.