If you don’t prefer to use any online payment methods -for a reason or another-, and chose to use bank transfer as a payment method on your store, that is possible!  You may enable bank transfer payment and accept payments transferred directly from customers’ bank accounts to your merchant bank account.  Here are the steps how.



  • From your store’s dashboard, go to “System” > “Advanced” > “Settings”
  • Click on “Payment Methods” under “SALES”
  • Then click on “Bank Transfer Payment” tab to expand it and complete the following:
  • “Enabled”: Set it to “Yes”
  • “Title”: The title to be shown on the checkout page.
  • “New Order Status”: Set it to “Pending”.
  • “Payment from Applicable Countries”: Select if this payment method should be available for all the countries or for specific ones only.
  • “Instructions”: Add your bank account number and details to which the customers’ money will be transferred.
  • “Minimum Order Total”: You may add a minimum order amount for using this payment method.
  • “Maximum Order Total”: You may add a maximum order amount forusing this payment method.
  • Once you finish click on “Save Config” button



By the end of this article, you should be able to know how to enable the bank transfer payment method