” Your Shipping Solution – Fetchr”  

Do I need to have a registered company?Yes
My company should be registered inUAE or KSA
Do I need to have a trade license?No
Can I ship anywhere? No, only locally, to UAE / KSA
Does it offer “Cash On Delivery” service?Yes


Configuration steps

First, send a ticket to your On Boarding Specialist sharing your chosen shipping method.

In order to integrate Fetchr with your store, kindly follow the below steps: 

  • From your admin panel, go to System > Advanced > Settings 
  • Click on “Shipping Methods” under “SALES”
  • Then click on “Fetchr Shipping Method” tab to expand it, and complete the following: 
  • “Enabled”: Set to “Yes”
  • “Show in checkout page”: Set to “Yes”
  • “Account Type”: Set to “Staging” when you’re in testing mode and set to “Live” when your store is live
  • “Service Type”: Depending on your Fetchr account, you have two options: Delivery Only and Fulfillment + Delivery
  • “Fetchr Username”: Enter your given Fetchr account username
  • “Fetchr Password”: Enter your assigned password to your Fetchr account username
  • “Auto Push COD orders”: Push the COD orders once the order is placed
  • “Auto Push CC order”: Push the CC orders once the payment is captured
  • “Same Day Delivery Rate”
  • “Next Day Delivery Rate”
  • “Active Shipping Methods”
  • “Shipping Options”: Same or Next Day Delivery
  • “Ship for Selected Countries only”: Choose if All Allowed Countries are applicable for this shipping method or Specific Countries
  • “Ship to Specific Countries”: If you choose “Specific Countries” in the previous option, then choose which countries are applicable for this shipping method

OB 2.17.1




At the end of this article, you should be able to integrate Fetchr with your store. If you are happy with this shipping method and want to integrate it with your store, kindly check with your on-boarding specialist for further details.


Fetchr reserves the right to update and change its information by posting updates and changes to their website online. You are advised to check their policies and fees from time to time for any updates or changes that may impact you.

Please contact your on-boarding specialist for more clarification, as we don’t use any online integration with Fetcher. The rates should be added manually to the store