” Aramex is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions -Aramex” 

Do I need to have a registered company?Yes
My company should be registered inAnywhere
Do I need to have a trade license?Yes
Can I ship anywhere? Yes
Does it offer “Cash On Delivery” service?Yes


Configuration steps

First, send a ticket to your On Boarding Specialist sharing your chosen shipping method.

In order to know how to integrate Aramex with your store, kindly follow the below steps:

  • From your admin panel, go to “System” > “Advanced” >”Settings”
  • Click on “Shipping Methods” under “SALES”
  • Then, click on “Aramex” tab to expand, and complete the following fields:
    • “Enable”: You can activate it by choosing “Yes”
    • “Title”: Here you can add the title of the “Shipping Method” which will be shown to your customers on the checkout page
    • “User Name” and “Password”: here you need to add the information of your own Aramex account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can do that from Aramex website by clicking here 
    • “Account Country Code”: here you need to add your country code abbreviation. This field should be provided by Aramex. The format is 2 capital letters only. For example Jordan’s code is JO
    • “Account Entity”: type in your city code abbreviation. Also this should be provided by Aramex. The word format of the city should be 3 capital letters only. For example Amman’s code is “AMM”
    • “Account Number”: this is a unique number. Once you create your account through Aramex website, login to your account and you will find it there
    • “Account PIN”: you have to write your Aramex account PIN. This is provided by Aramex. You need to contact them and ask for it

OB 2.23.1


  • Once you finish click on “Save Config” button.


Settings related to your products and shipments:

  • “Cash on Delivery”: By enabling this feature, cash on delivery option will be added to Aramex shipments, if selected
  • “Product Type”: Choose your products types which are suitable for your business, (e.g. printed materials, non-printed materials, …etc.)
  • Domestic Product Type:
    • OND: Overnight Document, the recommended option by Aramex
    • ONP: Overnight Parcel, means that the shipment must be delivered the next day
    • CDS: Domestic Customs ValueBy enabling
  •  “Weight Unit”: choose your product weight unit. Weight unit of the product can be in Pounds or Kilograms
  • “Shipping Service”: by enabling shipping service, all store shipments will be created on Aramex platform through the storefront and Aramex will be notified without having to call Aramex
  • “Auto Tracking No”: controls whether returned Aramex tracking numbers will be added to store shipments automatically or not
  • Free Shipping with Minimum Order Amount: If you want to apply free shipping for using this shipping method with minimum order amount, set it to “Enable”, then add the amount in “Minimum Order Amount for Free Shipping” text field
  • “Displayed Error Message”: Type error message to be showing in the checkout page, in case there is an issue with Aramex
  • “Ship to Applicable Countries”: Set it to “All allowed Countries” in case you want to select all the countries, or if you want to specify some set it to “Specific Countries”

OB 2.23.2




At the end of this article, you should be able to integrate Aramex with your store. To allow Aramex identify your account and link your store to your Aramex account, you need to fill in the shipping settings, and here is how: Please check “Technical Shipping Settings” article.  


Aramex reserves the right to update and change its information by posting updates and changes to their website online. You are advised to check their policies and fees from time to time for any updates or changes that may impact you