Free shipping is one of the most effective promotions you can offer. It can be based on a minimum purchase, or set up as a shopping cart price rule that applies when a set of conditions has been met. If both apply to the same order, the configuration setting will take precedence over the shopping cart rule.


In order to integrate Free shipping with your store, kindly follow the below steps:

  • From your admin panel go to “System” > “Advanced”>”Settings”. 
  • Click on “Shipping Methods” under “SALES”. 
  • Then click on “Free Shipping” tab to expand, and complete the following: 
  • “Enabled” set it to “Yes”. 
  • “Title”: type in the title that you want it to appear on the checkout page for your customers.
  • “Method Name”: type in the method name as you want but we advise you to leave it as”Free”.
  • “Minimum Order Amount”: specify the amount which you want to give the free shipping for. For example if you write $1,000 that means if the total items in the cart amount is $1,000 the client will get the free shipping.
  • “Displayed Error Message”: Type in an error message that you want to notify your customers with on the checkout page, in case an issue happened with free shipping.
  • “Ship to Applicable Countries”: Set it to “All allowed Countries” in case you want to select all the countries, or if you want to specify some set it to “Specific Countries”.

OB 2.24.1


  • Once you finish click on “Save Config” button.


At the end of this article, you should be able to integrate free shipping with your store.