“Ship on the go”

Do I need to have a registered company?No
My company should be registered inLocally
Do I need to have a trade license?No
Can I ship anywhere? No
Does it offer “Cash on Delivery” service?Yes


Configuration steps

In order to integrate Fedex with your store, kindly follow the below steps: 

  • From your store dashboard, go to “System”>”Advanced”>”Settings”
  • Click on “Shipping Methods” under “SALES”
  • Then click on “Fedex” tab to expand it, and complete the following: 
  • “Enabled for Checkout”: Set it to “Yes”.
  • “Title”: Set the title you want to display for this shipping method. For example: “Federal Express”
  • The following four settings are information should be provided from Fedex, and you can add them to their text fields: 
    • “Account ID”
    • “Meter Number”
    • “Key”
    • “Password”
  • “Sandbox”: Set it to “No” if the store is live. If not, set it to “Yes”
  • “Packages Request Type”: Select the option that best describes your preference when splitting an order into multiple shipments: “Divide to equal weight (one request)” or “Use origin weight (few requests)”
  • “Packaging”: Select the type of Packaging typically used to ship products from your store. Options include:
    “FedEx Envelope”
    “FedEx Pak”
    “FedEx Box”
    “FedEx Tube”
    “FedEx 10kg Box”
    “FedEx 25kg Box”
    “Your Packaging”
  • “Dropoff”: Set Dropoff to the pick-up method that will be used for delivery. Options include: 
    • “Regular Pickup”: If you have a high volume of shipments, it can be cost effective to make arrangements with FedEx for regular
    • “Request Courier”: You must call and request a FedEx courier to pick-up shipments pickups
    • “Drop Box”: You must drop off shipments at your nearby FedEx drop
    • “Business Service Center”: You must drop off shipments at your local FedEx business service center
    • “Station”: You must drop off shipments at your local FedEx station


  • “Weight Unit”: Set Weight Unit to the unit of measurement that is used in your locale. Options include: “Pounds” or “Kilograms”
  • “Maximum Package Weight”: The default FedEx maximum weight is 150 lbs. Please consult your shipping carrier for more information. We recommend using the default value, unless you have made special arrangements with FedEx
  • “Calculate Handling Fee”: Set Calculate Handling Fee to one of the following:
    • “Fixed”
    • “Percent”
  • “Handling Applied”: Set it to “Per Order” or “Per Pacakge”
  • “Handling Fees”: Enter the Handling Fee as either a fixed amount or percentage, depending on the method of calculation
  • “Residential Delivery”: Set Residential Delivery to one of the following, depending on whether you sell Businessto-Consumer
    (B2C) or Business-to-Business (B2B): 
    • “Yes”: For B2C residential deliveries
    • “No”: For B2B residential deliveries
  • “Allowed Methods”: Set Allowed Methods to each method of shipment that you want to offer. When choosing
    methods, take into consideration your FedEx account, the frequency and size of your shipments, and if you allow international shipments. You can offer as many or as few methods as you want. Options are in the dropdown list. 
  • “Hub ID”: If you are offering the smart post method, add the Hub ID
  • “Free Method”: Set Free Method to any shipping method that you want to offer your customers at no charge. You may also select None. This is similar to Free Shipping, however it is listed in the FedEx section, so customers will know exactly which method is being used for their order
  • “Free Shipping with Minimum Order Amount”: This option allows you to offer free FedEx shipping for orders that meet a minimum amount: 
    • “Enable”: Lets you set the minimum amount for orders to qualify for free shipping. If an order does not meet the minimum amount, FedEx Free Shipping will still appear as an option,however it will be set to an amount determined by FedEx
    • “Disable”: Does not let you set a minimum amount for orders to
      qualify for free shipping
  • “Minimum Order Amount for Free Shipping”: If you have chosen “Enable” enter the minimum order amount
  • “Displayed Error Message”: The text box is preset with a default message. You can leave this as is or edit as needed
  • Set Ship to Applicable Countries to one of the following: “All Allowed Countries” “Specific Countries”
  • “Show Method if Not Applicable”: Set it to one of the following: 
    • “Yes”: To list all FedEx shipping methods to customers, regardless of their availability
    • “No”: To list only the methods which are available to customers
  • Once you finish click on “Save Config” button

OB 2.16.1



After reading this article, you should be able to integrate Fedex with your store