In order to change your Base Currency, depending on the type of your business you’re running, countries you want to sell in and your payment gateway provider. Please take into consideration that all online Payment Gateways require your store’s base currency to be matching your account’s setup (i.g. PayPal: Base Currency MUST be USD)
To Change your Base Currency and the supported currencies in your store, please follow below steps:

  • Go to your admin panel “System” > “Advanced” > “Settings”.
  • Under “General” tab Click on “Currency Setup”
  • As shown in the below-attached image. Please change the Base Currency to your desired Currency (i.g. USD)

OB 2.30.1


  • Default Display Currency: Is the currency that will show by default when a customer enters your online store.
  • Allowed Currencies: You can choose multiple allowed currencies (For example United Arab Emirates Dirham, Saudi Riyal, Jordanian Dinar…etc).
  • Click on “Save Config”.

Please note that you have to add the currencies exchange rate after you save the Currency Setup. Kindly follow below steps:

How to Manage Currencies Exchange Rates:

  • Go to your admin panel “System” > “Store Setup” > “Setup Payment” > “Manage Currency” > “Rates”.
  • Next to the Import Service, choose Webservicex and click on Import to import rates automatically.
  • To insert rates manually, just insert every rate according to the exchange rate with Base Currency (i.g.1 USD = 0.7085 JOD).
  • Click on “Save Currency Rates”

In the following example, Base Currency is USD

OB 2.30.2