In the first article we discussed the steps of creating new categories. In this article, we will discuss linking these categories with the Menu.

Menu Manager helps you build professional menu designs with the following features:

  • Display categories and sub-categories in multi-columns.
  • Display a featured product when hovering over a category.
  • Display a short description when hovering over a category.


In order to know how to add categories to the menu, kindly follow the below steps:

  • From your admin panel go to “Catalog” > “Categories” > “Categories Layout” > “Category Items Management”.
  • Click on “Add Menu Item” button.

1. General Information

  • “Name”: type in the name of the menu.
  • “Store View”: Choose where you would like to show this menu.
  • “Link”: insert the URL path you want the menu item to link to.
  • “Sort Order”: you can set the position of the menu amongst other menus. 0 means the first one, 1 means the second and so on.
  • “Status”: by choosing Enabled the content of the menu will be shown on the store’s front end.

OB 3.3.1



2. Content

  • “Menu Type”: Group Menu Items.
  • “Template”: Group Menu Items 01.
  • “Number of Columns”: You can manage how the sub categories over hovering on the main menu will be displayed. So let’s say we have a main category called Women and has 4 subcategories, that means, this field should be set to 4.
  • “Size of Column”: Add the size of each column of the sub categories in pixels.
  • “Header Content”: Add a short description about the category that will be displayed on mouse hovering.


3. Main Content

  • “Categories”: Here you can add the categories that you have created in Catalog > Categories > Manage Categories. To display these categories on the front end, you just need to click on the small box icon as the below screenshot shows, and select only the main categories without the sub categories under each one, by ticking the small box on the left of each main category.

OB 3.3.2


  • Once you finish click on the “Save Menu” button.



At the end of this article, you should be able to add and manage menus on your store.

What’s next?

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