Are you still not seeing results after re-indexing your store’s tables? Well, here is something extra for you to do, which is flushing your store’s cached files. Cached files sometimes keep on showing old results of your store, until they are flushed and new results take place. It is similar to the re-index process.

In order to access your store’s cache management , kindly follow the below steps:

  • From your admin panel, go to “System” > “Advanced” > “Cache Management”.

Specific Cache

To refresh specific cache, kindly do the following

  • For each cache that needs to be refreshed, check the box at the beginning of the row.
  • To select a group, click one of the selection options above the list.
  • Set Actions to “Refresh,” and click the “Submit” button.

OB 3.13.1


All the store’s cache

To refresh all the store’s cache, kindly do the following:

  • Click on “Select All” button.
  • From “Action” drop down list, set it to “Refresh”, then click on “Submit” button.

OB 3.13.12



At the end of this article, you should be able to refresh your store’s cache, and any new changes should now show up on your store. If you are still facing trouble seeing your changes take affect, just contact any of our specialists by submitting a ticket to and they will check it for you.  

What’s next?

You know all about adding and managing your catalog now, the next step for you is to double check that everything looks fine on the store’s front end