it is very important to pay this article attention before uploading your catalogs images. Images have some restrictions that affect the store speed, design, and storage. Therefore, in this article we are going to share the most important notes about images optimization and how to maintain the best results possible.

Two conditions to deliver good optimized images:

  1. Images should be uploaded in the right dimensions.
  2. The size of the images should be optimized. Generally speaking, the size of the images shouldn’t be more than 100k.

First point: the dimensions of images:

How to check whether if the dimensions of images are in the right dimensions?

  1. Open your store by a Chrome browser.
  2. Hover over the image that you would to check.
  3. Open the “Inspect element”, by clicking the right mouse button, and slide down to the option “Inspect element”.
  4. Hover over the image link in the code.3.14.1
  5. When you hover the image code, you will see the image dimension, as the image below.
  6. And here’s the trick, if it shows a “Natural” dimensions, then your image need to be re-sized, as the screen shot below:


PS: if your images dimensions are right, please move on to the part two in this article “optimize your images size”.

If my images dimensions need to be resized, how can I do it:

There are many tools to help you with resizing your images, for example:

  1. Photoshop: the famous program.
  2. Resize photos: a simple tool can resize and optimize your images:

Second part: optimize your images size:

After you make sure that your images are in the right dimensions, now we need to make sure that our images are being friendly for the web.

There are a lot of tools to get the optimized images without losing quality. Here’s a simple tool can help a lot with this mission:

visit .

How to use Compress Now to get the best of your image:

  1. Drag and drop the image that you want to optimize:3.14.3
  2. Specify the level of the compression, if you leave it 20%, you won’t notice a change in your image quality.3.14.4
  3. Download the optimized image.

Will the quality of the image affected?

Well, in most cases, the optimization won’t affect the quality of the images.

Here’s an example of an image which the quality of the image will be affected a little bit:


Moreover, here’s a optimization tool you can consider:

visit .

Let us know if you have any question: