The power and importance of social media nowadays cannot be argued.  Connecting with customers from all over the world will definitely bring in more traffic to your store, thus increasing the probability of sales and making it more likely that your ambitious sales targets will be met. We could sit and talk forever about social media, but let’s get to the bottom of that by introducing you to ShopGo Follow’s extension.

ShopGo Follow is one of the extensions that ShopGo offers which helps you to manage the social media icons on your store.  The extension is available on all of ShopGo’s themes.



  • From your store’s dashboard, go to “System” > “Advanced” > “Settings”
  • “ShopGo” > “Follow”
  • Click on “Social Links” tab to expand it
  • “Status”: Set it to “Enabled” in order to use the extension
  • By default, the following four social icons are added: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+.
  • Let’s assume you wish to add the Instagram Icon.  In order to do that, please click on the “Add Item” button, then complete the following:
    • “Title”: Add the the social media title that will appear over the icon while hovering. For example, Instagram.
    • “Link”: Add the URL for the social media page. For Example:
    • “Icon”: to get what you should fill in this field, click on see more icon here.
    • Then click on the icon you would like to add, and copy the text part between double quotation without the first 2 characters fa.<i class=”fa fa-instagram”>
    • “Target”: You have 2 options:
      • “_blank”: To open the link in new tab in the internet browser
      • “_Self”: To open the link in the same tab of the internet browser
    • Color: here you need to add the color code that will appear while hovering, check this link to copy the code. The below image is an example of the color for the Facebook icon when hovered over.


    • Once you finish click on the “Save Config” button.

OB 3.15.1


Please pay attention: after saving, some of the changes might not appear on the store due to the need of flushing the store’s cache.  In order to know how to do that, please check out the simple and easy steps available in this article.


By the end of this article, you should be able to link your social media channels with the social icons on your store.