What is FTP ? File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard Internet protocol for transmitting files between computers on the Internet.

Through the FTP you can upload and download any file from your store.

Install your FTP on your PC: There are many softwares that give you an access to your store’s files. However, we recommend Filezilla, it’s a free software that is easy to use, friendly and simple.

Click here to download filezilla for Windows or Mac.

After downloading the setup file, you need to install the software on your PC, by clicking “Next” everytime. Connect Your Store: Follow these steps to connect your store with Filezilla:

  • Click on File > Site Manager.
  • Then click on “New Site“.

  • After that you need to add the FTP login information, first put Logon Type field to Normal, then fill the fields with the data that Shopgo provides with ( Host , User , Password ).

  • Press Connect button.
  • And when you receive this message :”Status:Directory listing successful“, you will be had the access to your store.

Trick: In order to open CSV file, please make sure to download Sublime text using the supported Operating System, to know how please follow these steps:

  • Then go to FileZilla, Click on Edit> Settings>File Editing> Use Custom editor> Click on Browse> Select Sublime File> Click on Always use default editor> Click on OK.


By the end of this article, you should know how to access your store’s files through FTP protocol.


Disclaimer: ShopGo does not grant full access to all store’s files. 

If you wish to have an access to specific files in your store’s files, please fill this Form