If you don’t have brands, then you won’t need to read this article.

However if you wish to display brands and link them with their products, then you are on the right article. 



Step 1: Adding Brand Attribute:

  • First we need to add the Brand Attribute to your store using the Admin Panel.
  • From the Admin Panel go to “Catalog” > “Attribute” > “Manage Attributes
  • Click on “Add New Attribute
  • Please fill in the information exactly as displayed on the screenshot below:



  • After completing the above, click “Save Attribute
  • You are now prompted to fill out “Manage Label / Options” this is where we will type in all our brands.
  • Under the “Manage Titles” section, type “brand” under Admin.
  • Under the “Manage Options” section, type in all the list of brand names you desire under Admin.
  • When you are done, click “Save Attribute” to move on to the next section.


Step 2: Adding the Attribute to the Attribute Set:

  • From the Admin Panel, go to “Catalog” >”Attribute” > “Attribute Set
  • Click on “Default
  • Drag the “brand” attribute we just added under the “Product Brand” group as demonstrated in the screenshot below & click “Save Attribute Set” when done:


Step 3: Manufacturer Information:

  • From the Admin Panel, go to “Catalog” > “Categories” > “Brands Categories” > “Manage Brands Categories
  • Click on “Add Manufacturer
  • In the “Manufacturer Information” Section, fill out the following information:
  • “Name”: This will be the name of the manufacturer/brand you want to add.
  • URL Identifier”: Keep this the same as the name above; recommended to be typed in small/lowercase letters, without .html, and no special characters.
  • Image”: Upload the image of the brand you would like to add. Note: image does not accept .bmp file format.
  • “Store View”: Click on “All Store Views”.
  • “Featured Manufacturer”: Select “Yes” if this is a featured manufacturer / brand in your catalogue. This will also allow the brand to display on the featured brand slider at the bottom of your homepage.
  • Status”: Set this to enabled if you want this manufacturer / brand to show on your website catalogue.
  • Description”: Add any description of this brand to describe for your customers. You can keep this empty.



Meta Data:

  • Meta Keywords” & “Meta Description”: Are used for the SEO. Don’t worry, we’ll discuss the SEO topic in the “Growth” stage.


Step 4: Assigning Products to their Brands:

Manufacturer Products:

  • From the Admin Panel, go to “Catalog” > “Categories” > “Brands Categories” > “Manage Brands Categories
  • Click on the brand that you want to assign the products too.
  • In the “Manufacturer Information” left side menu click on “Manufacturer Products
  • If you did not see any products in products table click on “Reset Filter
  • Select your desired products that you want to assign to this brand.
  • Click on “Save Manufacturer


Step 5: Settings:

  • From the Admin Panel, Go Catalog” > “Categories” > “Brands Categories” > “Settings
  • Fill out the following inputs:
  • Alphabet Sort Order: Set this to “Yes” if you want to sort your brands alphabetically.
  • Show Featured Manufacturer on Top: Set it to “Yes” if you want to enable the brand slider at the bottom of your homepage, which will only display your featured brands.
  • Show Manufacturer in Product Page: Set it to “Yes” if you want to show the brands next to their products on the product page.
  • Enable Manufacturer Navigation: Set it to “Yes” if you want your brands to show on your top navigation bar menu.


  • When you are done selecting your preferred setting, click “Save Config” to move to the next step.



At the end of this article, you should be able to add a new brand and link it with specific products