What are Footer Links?

The footer is the bottom of the page of your online store, and as the name implies, Footer Links are links that are available at the bottom of the page. It’s just a convenient place to put a link that gives your customers more information and details about your store. Here is an example of a Footer Link.

For example of footers:

To change your store’s footer information or links, please follow the steps below from your store’s backend:

  • Go to Content > CMS > Static Blocks

OB 4.5.1


  • From the table, choose the block you want to edit:

OB 4.5.2


  • Block title: Footer Links
  • Identifier: footer_links
  • Store View:  It’s very important to specify the Store View, where do you want this to blocks to be display:  Main website, Arabic store view, English store view . ( you can choose more than 1 store view)
  • Status: Enable

OB 4.5.3


  • Choose which footer you want to change or link,
  • Change the name of the footer link you want to edit. You should edit it without changing its blue color.

OB 4.5.4


  • Then highlight the footer link that you want to link and click on the (insert/edit link)  tab which is showing here:

OB 4.5.5


  • Insert the page URL that you want to link it, in our example we want to link the about-us page, so we will insert this URL:

OB 4.5.6


  • Select the target :- open on new window,  or –open at the same window
  • Now click “Update”. Then save block from the top of footer links page.
  • And all is ready.
  • Now click “Save”, and the footer is linked.


At the end of this article, you should be able to link footer links to pages