Your hard work is paying off, and you’ve almost completed the work, well done.

In this article, we will guide you through filling in the store information section on your back-end.

  • From your admin panel, go to “System” > “Advanced” > “Settings
  • Click on “General” under “General
  • Click on “Local Options” and check the following:
    • Timezone”: Set it based on your country’s timezone
    • Locale”: Set it to English, so that translation is done correctly on the Arabic store view
    • First Day of Week”: Add the first day of the week when your store is open to show on the transactional email
    • Weekend Days”: Add the weekend days of your store, to show on the transactional emails

OB 4.6.1


  • Then click on the “Store Information” tab to expand, and check the following:
    • Store Name”: Enter your store’s name
    • Store Contact Telephone”: Enter the Store’s Contact Telephone number, formatted as you want it to appear in all communication channels, such as: Transactional emails
    • Store Hours of Operation”: Add the hours of operation of your store to be included in the transactional email
    • Country”: Select the Country where your business is located
    • Store Contact Address”: Enter your Store’s Contact Address as you want it to appear on the transactional emails

OB 4.6.2


  • Once you finish click on the “Save Config” button



At the end of this article, you should be able to fill in the store information on your store