We know what you’re thinking!  The first and most common question after launching your store is “Where are my first 1 million orders?” : )

In this article, we would like to share with you some thoughts and tips that would help you better understand the process for now.  The more technical steps will follow at a later stage.

– Spread the word:

This is the first and easiest step after the launch of your website! If you haven’t spread the word already, then you are already late.  Did you tell all your friends about your store? What about your neighbors and relatives, and everyone else around you?  You should spread the word and let everyone know about your newly launched store.  Why? Well, it’s pretty simple, because you want traffic, you want visitors to come to your store!

– Traffic:

Just like any new business, traffic is the most essential point! But let us tell you the truth, don’t expect to get traffic to your store, YET!  In order to generate traffic, you should market your store, let the people know about it.  Imagine you have opened an offline store somewhere, how will people come and visit you if they don’t know about it?  Got it?  Don’t panic, the traffic in your store will gradually increase day by day, and we are here to advise you how to do that!

– Marketing:

Marketing is the most essential point to discuss here, it is the backbone of any online store. We heard what you just said, and no, marketing is not just about spending your money.  There are various -and endless- marketing methods available out there, whether paid or for free.  Yes, you read that right, there are some free marketing methods available as well, however to each its advantages and disadvantages.  We will discuss further details with you at a later stage in “Bringing Traffic – Part 1”.

– Orders:

You are anxiously waiting for that first order to come and to start collecting the money, aren’t you?! When was the last time you’ve checked the orders on your store’s back-end? You might have already received your first order but missed it if you haven’t checked the back-end of your store.  Are you aware of the process?  The system does not automatically deliver the order to your client, so here it is your responsibility to fully understand the order management process.

– Because of you!

The success of your online store depends mainly on you.  Are you putting enough effort and time in the store? The more effort and time you dedicate to the store, especially during the first 3 months following the launch, the sooner you will be able to achieve success and stability.  Your store is just like a new baby born and needs a lot of your care and time in order to grow and successfully flourish.  Don’t miss a day!


Thank you for reading this article!  It might not be the article that you are looking for in order to increase your sales. We just wanted to prepare you for the upcoming stages.