Google Analytics counts each visit to your website, including your own, as real data. And since you’re not a ‘real’ visitor you’d typically do things that your real audience wouldn’t do, and as a result, you’ll damage the authenticity of your data so we will clarify in this article the steps to stop Google Analytics from tracking your visits:

1. Get your IP address. Before you start the process you will need to get your IP address. That is easily done by visiting . As soon as you enter the site, on top of the page, in big bright letters, you will have your IP address.

Your IP address will look something like this like this: (This is a fictitious IP address)

2. Log in to your Google Analytics account dashboard.

3. Click on the Admin button at the bottom left-hand side. That will take you to “Account Administration” page.

4. Select and click the account where you want to make changes. That will take you to a page where you will be able to make the changes

5. Select and click the “All Filters” tab as 

6. Click on “Add Filter”

7. Fill in the information on the new page s the below screenshot shows:

  • Name your filter. for example “My Ip Address”.
  • From the drop-down menu select “Traffic From The IP Address”
  • Fill in the IP address in the provided spaces
  • From Apply Filter to Views, click on All Web Site Data and click on Add

8. Save

Note: Some IP providers offer dynamic IP addresses (that means that there is more than one IP address associated with your Internet connection), so your IP may change every time you log in online. It is a bit of a problem but even here you can help it. You can identify the most common IP addresses you use and you can stop Google Analytics from tracking those visits. It is the best you can do under those circumstances.


By the end of this article, you should be able to stop Google Analytics from tracking your visits.