When a customer clicks on “Place Order” button on your store checkout, an order will be created. This is called “Sales order”. Now, it’s your job as a merchant to process the order, how? Let us guide you through the steps:

  • From the admin panel go to  “Sales > Orders > Orders List”. You will find the new order that had been created by the customer, under “orders” section


When the customer created an order, the new order status will be “Pending” as we can see below in the screenshot. Our task now is to confirm this order and verify it, in order for customers to receive these products that they did purchase. click on this order to start processing it: 


  • Cash On Delivery orders, you need to do an extra step: After clicking on the product, we will find “invoice” button,  which is the receipt of payment for this order, We submit an invoice to accept the order from the client and send him an invoice that we are processing your order. That’s why we should click on “invoice” button.
  • Online payment: the product status will change automatically from “Pending” to “Processing” once the money is captured and without you having to click the “invoice” button. You can click the “Invoice” to get a printed invoice if you want.


  • And then we click on “submit invoice”  to complete the first step of managing orders.

Now the product status will change to “processing”.

  • Once the product is ready to deliver to the customer we can click on “ship” button.

  • From this page, after entering all the information you need to edit.  click “submit shipment”

  • Now the status of this order will change to “Complete” after confirming the shipment submission. which mean that the order was completed and delivered to the customer who ordered it. as shown here:

We can make sure that the order completed by going back to orders page, you will find that the status is “Complete” for this product:


How can the store owner cancel the order from the store dashboard? After clicking on the product, we will find “Cancel” button,  which allows you to cancel this order, when you click on this button, then click save. The order status will change to “Cancelled” instead of processing, complete or pending. 

How can the store owner edit the order information or order quantity?

  • You can edit an Order by pressing the “Edit” button.
  • This will take you to the Edit Order page, which contains all the same fields as an order being created in the admin, including order currency, items ordered, customer email, customer group, billing and shipping addresses, payment method. Shipping method, credit card number and card verification number,
  • Therefore, if the entire quantity of the order has been invoiced and shipped, you cannot make an Edit.
  • When all edits are complete, press the Submit Order button.

This will simultaneously create a new order and cancel the previous order.  For example, if the original order number was Order # 100000005, the edited order number would be Order # 100000005-1. The next edit would be Order # 100000005-2, and so on.