Aramex is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions. If your shipments are being held by Aramex then you will need this extension to connect with them and automatically calculate the shipping rate for the user and when the order is placed Aramex will also be notified about it without you having to call them.

How to manage Aramex orders?

When customers place an order on your store, the order will be created on your dashboard. To see all orders that have been made in your store, go to “Sales > Orders > Orders List”.

Once an order has been placed on your store that you would like to ship with Aramex, the next step is to create an “Aramex Pickup” so that Aramex will be notified that they have to pick up a shipment from you.

After selecting the order you want to create a shipment for, create the shipment by pressing the Ship button on the top right of the screen.

You will then be taken to a New Shipment page for this order. Fill the following fields:

  • Shipping Date: the date when Aramex receives the shipment to be shipped out.
  • Due Date: the date specified for the shipment to be delivered to the consignee.
  • Description of Goods: the nature of the shipment contents (ex: clothes, electronics, gadgets…etc.). This field is auto-filled from the information that store owner fills in System > Advanced > Settings > Sales > Shipping Settings > Origin.
  • After that, click Create Pickup and the following fields will appear:

All fields marked with * are required and must be filledHowever, some fields in Address and Contact sections are auto-filled from the information that store owner fills in System > Advanced > Settings > Sales > Shipping Settings > Origin.

The Status must be filled as either Ready or Pending:

  • Pending: more information about the pickup needs to be added.
  • Ready: no further information is needed and the pickup request is ready to be assigned.

Pickup Location

should be filled as the location from where the shipment should be picked up such as the reception desk, residence, etc.


should be filled depending on the status of the shipment.

Reference 1

is a text field that may include any general details the store owner would like to add about the shipment that will be sent back in the response to Aramex.

The Date and Time 

the section is for the store owner to inform Aramex when they want the shipment to be picked up from their location (as shown in Contact section) to be shipped out.

  • Date should be the date of pickup.
  • Ready Time is the earliest possible time for pickup to occur – please be sure to fill hour, minute, and seconds.
  • Last Time is the last possible time that Aramex can come to pick up your shipment.
  • Closing Time must be after Ready Time.

Note: Ready Time should always be before latest and closing time. The date should not be before the current day or more than seven days in advance of the current date.

Package Type in the Item Details section can be filled with the type of packaging (ex: cans, bottles, degradable plastic).

After all mandatory fields have been filled, Submit Shipment in order to both submit your shipment and create your pickup, by clicking on Submit Shipment.

If there are any errors, they will appear and prevent the shipment from being submitted and the pickup from being created. If you are redirected to the Order page, then the process was successful.

Proceeding with all previous steps, filling all the required information related to shipping and pickup, sets the order’s status to complete, which means that the customer now will have their order shipped by Aramex.

The AWB is the Airway Bill,  which is generated automatically through the system, It contains all the information about the shipment and the product, that may be needed in the shipping flight with a tracking number included and it will look like thisNow the Question is: From where I can find this AWB to print it? 

In order to print the AWB, you need to follow these steps:

1- From the admin panel, Click on Sales> Orders > Orders List.
2- Click on order number which you want to print the AWB and click on the Ship button.
3- Fill the Aramex Shipment Pickup Create Form with all the required information and submit the shipment.
4- Once you have done, on the left side menu you’ll find shipment and choose the order which you have submitted.
5- Scroll down, to Shipment History, you’ll find Shipment label, copy the URL:http://www.aramex.com/content/rpt_cache/xxxxxxxxxxx and paste it on your browser’s address bar.

Note: Once the order placed successfully, the first step you need to do is to save this Shipment label and the tracking number, otherwise, it will expire.

If you face 404 ERROR, that means AWB has been expired and you need to contact Aramex to provide them with the shipment number so they can regenerate an AWB. Unfortunately, we don’t have an estimated time of AWB expiration.

To avoid this in the future, we highly recommend our clients to print the AWB the soonest after receiving the order.

We are working on enhancing the integration for the next release so such issues do not occur in the future.