It is important to gain the trust of your clients.  Without trust, your bounce rate might be higher and your sales much lower.  How to gain their trust? The new trend to gain trust is to use the trust icons!  These are various confidence boosting logos and badges that could be put on the footer of your online store. There are various types of logos and badges that range from the simple SSL Certificate badge to some more sophisticated.

What are trust icons?

They come in various designs and have multiple purposes. Some assure the consumers that their transaction is secure (VeriSign) or that the site is free from viruses (McAfee Secure) while others indicate that the site owner has met an external standard for privacy controls (CyberTrust). Some of the most common Arabic ones in the MENA region are Mothoq and Maroof. They’re generally badges, icons, and seals, that when displayed on a site serve to gain the trust of your clients from a glimpse of an eye! Here is what they would look like in your store:

GW 2.4.1

GW 2.4.2

For example, we at ShopGo have several trust badges as we are certified by Magento and by Google being a Google Partners.

GW 2.4.3


Those icons are usually added to the footer links, here is how.

  • From your store’s dashboard, navigate to Content > CMS > Static Blocks
  • Click on the static block that you want to add the icon to
  • Scroll down to content, then click on the “Insert/Edit Image” icon

GW 2.4.4

  • A pop-up page will be showing. Click on the small image as shown in the below image, to upload the image, then click on “insert” to add it

GW 2.4.5

  •  Once you finish click on “Save Block” button

Attention please: if you find out other new ones, please comment on the article so we can add them.


By the end of this article, you could be able to add any trust icon you wish to your store.