Are you reading this from your mobile? Were you checking your Facebook for new notifications, or maybe your Instagram for new posts, or perhaps your Twitter for new tweets? Whatever it is that you were doing, we are almost sure it was related to social media. We are all aware of its importance nowadays, therefore it is fair to say that it should be a crucial element to add to your online store to get connected with your customers!

There are a lot of social media generator feeds that you can use, however, the most popular may be Instagram and Facebook, thus they will be used as an example in this article.

GW 2.5.1


What is a widget and where to add it? A widget is “an application, or a component of an interface, that enables a user to perform a function or access a service” Source Google Chrome. The best place to add those magical little social media widgets is on the footer of your store. There is a designated area for that and is referred to as the footer static block, as shown in image GW 2.5.1, this is the footer link.

  • There are many Instagram widget generators you may use, such as InstaWidget
  • Of course, you have to add your Instagram ID there in order to generate the correct code from the correct account.
  • Once you click on “Preview” button, your Instagram widget will be generated. Copy this code to paste in later on your store in the footer static block.

GW 2.5.2

  • Then navigate to your store’s dashboard, and click on one of the footer links static block that you would like to add the Instagram widget in.
  • Copy the code in “content”.

GW 2.5.3


  • Once you finish click on “Save Block” button.


By the end of this article, you should be able to generate an Instagram widget and add it to your store