If you are using multiple communication channels, like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Telegram or even SMS in order to stay in touch with your customers or if you wish to start using this approach in your business, you can easily add a small widget by to your store’s footer that will enable your visitors to contact you with a click of a button. offers a free and a coding-free widget that enables you to add “Message Us” buttons of your messaging apps like Facebook Messanger, Whatsapp and eight different messaging apps directly to your store.


You can easily configure and add this widget by following the below steps:

  • Go to and follow the three easy steps; Choosing your messaging apps, customizing your button and then getting the button code


  • Copy the code and then follow the below steps to add the button to your store:
  1. Go to System > Advanced > Settings
  2. Under General section, click on Design and then expand Footer section
  3. Paste the button  in Miscellaneous HTML content section
  4. Please make sure you don’t copy the code inside any existing code, make a new line after or before any existing code before you insert the code
  5. Click on Save Config
  • Now, refresh your homepage and start receiving messages from your store’s visitors


By end of this article, you could be able to add any messaging button to your store using widget.