One of the fastest ways to grow your store’s subscribers list and to increase your conversion is by applying a popup window on your store’s landing page when customers visit your store. There are many digital marketing services, like Privy, MailChimp, Wisepops ..etc, that offer popup feature that can be easily added to your store’s front.

Before you start engaging your customers through popup ads on your store’s front, always consider that popup timing is crucial and it can result with one of two things: Getting a conversion or losing a visitor, therefore, always analyze your popup campaign before implementing it.

When to show your popup ad?

In order to know when is the best time to trigger the popup ad on your website, it’s important to understand your visitors’ behavior and how long they view your store’s pages, you can simply discover that by checking your Google Analytics and the Average Time on Page.


It is recommended to delay the display of the popup ad to around 40 – 60% of the average time on page, according to your Google Analytics results. You can easily configure your popup platform when and how frequent the ad is displayed.


How to add a popup window to my store?

After you choose a preferred digital marketing service that offers a popup feature, like Privy or MailChimp, you will be guided through the steps on how to design and trigger your own popup window. When you’re done with the configurations, you will be provided with a code snippet that you have to add to your store’s configuration.


To add this snippet to your store’s configuration, please follow these simple steps:

  • Go to your admin panel > System > Advanced > Settings
  • Under General section, click on Design and then expand HTML Head section
  • Paste your popup snippet in Miscellaneous Scripts content section
  • Please make sure you don’t copy the code inside any existing code, make a new line after or before any existing code before you insert the code
  • Click on Save Config

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By end of this article, you could be able to add a popup window to your store’s landing page