The product description should always have the ability to attract people to buy your products, no matter how much you invest for advertising, you, as an entrepreneur, should understand the power of having an enticing product description and a nice catalog for your customers to browse through.

7 Simple Recommendations for writing an attracting product description:

  1. Write product description with the ideal buyer in mind: Consider the type of buyer for each item and imagine what kind of questions they might have about the product.
  2. Emphasize the benefits the buyers will get if they decide on buying the product.
  3. Avoid selling the product with generic terms like excellent, great or beautiful, instead, focus on describing the product with listing its main features.
  4. Refrain from using superlatives like “the best” or “the most advanced” unless you can prove that this product truly is the best
  5. Appeal to the reader’s imagination by telling a story of how this item will improve their lives.
  6. Use sensory words like, smooth, velvety, crunchy, warm and bright.
  7. The description must be scannable by the reader for example: Use headlines, use bullet points

People find texts and paragraph easier to read when they’re in bullet points and section, writing a bulk paragraph will bore the readers and make them less likely to learn about your content.

A Sample of ideal titles, short descriptions, and descriptions:

Product Title:

Brand Gender Model Main Feature Model #

Michael Kors Women’s Selma Medium Top Zip Indigo Satchel 30S3GLMS2L

Short Description:

Make sure you write the main features of the product in the short description as bullet points


    • Luxe Saffiano leather shapes this smart satchel with discrete gussets and signature detailing.
    • Multiple interior compartments and a convenient crossbody strap.

    • The sleek rolled handles offer an elegant finish


In the description, follow the above 7-recommendations to write an attractive and informative product description and try to split the description into two sections:

  • Features: List all visible and invisible product’s feature to the customers in order to visualize the product.
  • Specifications: List all technical information related to the product that customers will be asking for since they cannot feel and touch the product (Material, size, exact color, what’s in the box…etc)

If you wish to have a full Products’ Content Guideline for your store, please submit us a ticket for more information.


Attributes are product properties that help you segment your products by their own specifications. When configured, attributes will show in the product’s detailed page under the tab Additional Information. Attributes;

  • Help in specifying, what features each product has.
  • Help your customers filter products based on their property.
  • Help your customers search for products on your store based on their (size, color etc.)
  • Help in Search Engine Optimization



To understand more about attributes, please follow this Article


By the end of this article, you should be able to know the best practices for writing proper products’ content