Your store contains two main functions that enable your visitors to navigate through your online catalog. You can enhance the navigation experience on your store by adding specific options on your catalog page that will ease up the process for your visitors to find what they are looking for.

1- Menu Bar

The store’s menu bar is the first level of visitors’ navigation experience throughout your store and it is always recommended to have a clear category tree that explains the type of products included in your catalog. For example, if you are offering t-shirts within multiple types of products for both genders; Women and Men, it’s recommended to make two-level category when building your category tree similar to the below options:

A- Include both genders in one Level and under one Main Category:




B- Separate each gender in a separate main category, and list T-Shirts under a level-two category (under Apparel for example):






Please follow this Article to read more about managing categories and your store’s Menu Bar

2- Layered Navigation

Your store’s layered navigation helps your store visitors find the most suitable products with their desired options through your products assigned attributes (i.e. Size, Color, Price, Season…etc)

First of all, to make sure that your Main/Subcategory is displayed as Anchor in order to show the products’ assigned attributes in the catalog page

The next step is to make sure that the desired attribute (according to the listed category) has the option Use In Layered Navigation enabled in the attribute configurations.


To use the specific attribute in Layered Navigation, the Catalog Input Type must be whether Dropdown, Multiple Select or Price

You can benefit from the below sample product-attributes by category:



You can follow this Article to understand more about products’ attributes creation and configurations.


By the end of this article, you should know the difference between the two types of navigation available for your customers and how to utilize these features for better user experience.