Sometimes users of your online store add items to their shopping cart and then leave the store for some reason, can they restore the shopping cart items after they come back? Sure they can!

A persistent shopping cart is an e-commerce feature that keeps the items in the shopping cart and saves them across sessions for the users on their next visit.


  • On the Admin menu, select System >Advanced > Settings Then in the panel on the left, under Customers, select Persistent Shopping Cart.
  • Click to expand the General Options section.

  • To enable the persistent shopping cart and to display additional configuration options, set Enable Persistence to “Yes.”
  • Set Persistence Lifetime (seconds) to the length of time that you want the persistent cookie to last. The default value 31,536,000 seconds is equal to one year, and is the maximum time allowed.
  • Set Enable “Remember Me” to one of the following:

Yes: Displays the “Remember Me” checkbox on the Login page of your store, so customers can choose to save their shopping cart information.

No: Persistence can still be enabled, but customers are not given the option to choose if they want to save their information.

  • To preselect the “Remember Me” checkbox, set Remember Me Default Value to “Yes.”
  • Set Clear Persistence on Log Out to one of the following:

Yes: The shopping cart is cleared when a registered customer logs out

No: The shopping cart is saved when a registered customer logs out.

  • Set Persist Shopping Cart to one of the following:

Yes: If the session cookie expires, the persistent cookie is preserved. If a guest shopper later logs in or creates a new account, the shopping cart is restored.

No: The shopping cart is not preserved for guests after the session cookie expires

  • When complete, click the Save Config button.


By the end of this article, you should be able to know the definition of the persistent shopping cart and how to configure it on your store.