A gift registry, is a service you can provide it in the store that assists your customers in the communication of gift preferences to their family and friends.

The customer selects items from store stock,l makes them available to the store guests.

In addition to providing valuable information for the buyer, potentially saving time for both giver and recipient.

Front-end (the way a registry owner sees it)


After the extension is installed, a new link “Gift Registry” will appear in the upper navigation.

When a customer hovers this link, a pop-up will appear, that will let him to search for a registry or to create/view his own registry.

On the “Create Gift Registry” page user will be able to add all necessary information concerning this registry:

  • Registrant’s name and email
  • Co-registrant’s name and email
  • Event date
  • A personal message for the guests that will appear on the registry page
  • Event location
  • Shipping address for presents
  • A photo that will appear on the registry page

See the screenshot below for more details:

registry page


After a registry is created, the customer will need to add products to it. By each product on catalog and product pages, there will appear a link saying “Add to Registry” as shown below:


When the customer clicks on this link, the product is being added to his/her registry without leaving the current page.

On the registry page the customer will be able to manage the list of the products he selected:

  • See number of selected and number of purchased items
  • Remove unwanted items
  • Choose priority for each item
  • Add some comment for each item
  • Change “Desired” and “Received” fields for each product
  • Add any product to cart

On the registry page there are following links:

  • “Registry Information”

On this page, the customer will be able to see and edit all his/her registry information. Also that page contains “Delete Registry” button.

  • “Tell About Your Registry”

Through this page, the customer may send an e-mail to everyone who he/she wants to inform about his registry.

  • “Guest’s View Of Your Registry”

Registry page in a way registry owner’s guests will see it.

Gift Registry Admin Back-end

To see information on existing registries, navigate to the following page in Admin Panel:

Customers → Gift Registries.

There you’ll find a list of all registries, created by store users:



Gift Card:

Other option to gain your customer trust and loyalty.

The gift card is a pleasant thing to offer in your store and allow other customers to buy this gift card and send it to their friends or family. and this is definitely will bring more traffic to your store.

First step you need to create the gift card product that you will offer to your customer, you can do that by following the below steps:

  • From the admin panel go to Catalog> Products> Manage Products
  • Click on Add Product button
  • Select AW Gift card as a Product type, and click on Continue as shown below:

gift card product


  • In general information field, fill in the necessary information
  • Click on Price from the left side menu
  • In the Amounts field add the amount that you will offer this geft card with.
  • You can add more that one option for the Amount by clicking on Add Amount as shown below:


  • Click on Gift Card Information from the left side menu
  • Set Card Type as Virtual. 

gift card information

After finishing all the steps of creating the product, click on Save.

Now the product will be displayed in the frontend as shown below:

gift card product1

You can see that there are extra fields in the gift card product in the front end like:

  • Sender Name: The name of the gift card sender
  • Sender Name: The email address of the gift card sender
  • Recipient Name: The name of the gift card recipient.
  • Recipient Email The email address of the gift card recipient to make sure that the recipient will get the gift card code to use it in the store.
  • Message: If the sender wishes to write something to the recipient.

In order to view and edit the gift card settings please follow the below steps:

  • Go to System >Advanced > Settings  
  • Click on Gift Card under AHEADWORKS EXTENSIONS left side menu and here you can change the code settings and the template settings like shown below:

gift card settings


After the recipient of the gift card get the email that contains the gift card code, he/she can navigate the store and select the products he/she wants and pay using this gift card balance, the only step he/she needs to do is to enter the gift card section on the shopping cart page like shown below :

gift card shopping cart



By the end of this article, you will be able to use both Gift registry and Gift Card extension.