The in-stock alert creates a link called “Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock” for every product that is out of stock. Customers can click the link to subscribe to the alert. When the product is back in stock, customers receive an email notification that the product is available. Products with alerts have a Product Alerts tab in the Product Information panel that lists the customers who have subscribed to an alert.


1- See the list of customers that signed up for notification of a specific product:

  • From your dashboard go to Catalog > Products > Manage Products 
  • Select the product you want to see the list of customers for
  • Select Product Alerts tab
  • You will see a table with the list of customers that signed up for notification

2- Select the email template and the email sender for the notification:

  • From your dashboard go to System > Advanced > Settings 
  • Under CATALOG tab select Catalog 
  • Expand Product Alerts, fill the fields as follow:
  • Allow Alert When Product Comes Back in Stock: Determines if customers can choose to receive an alert when the product comes back in stock.
  • Stock Alert Email Template: Identifies the template that is used for stock alert email notifications. Default template: Product stock alert
  • Alert Email Sender: Determines the store contact that appears as the sender of the product alert email message.


3- You can select the recipient, sender, and template for emails that are sent if the sending of alerts fails:

  • From your dashboard go to System > Configuration  
  • Under CATALOG tab select Catalog 
  • Expand Product Alerts Run Settings, fill the fields as follow:
  • Frequency: Choose how often product alerts are sent out: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
  • Start Time: Choose what time of day the product alert process starts. This time should be after any price or inventory updates are performed.
  • Error Email Recipient: Identify the email address of the person (normally a store administrator) who should receive an email notification when there is an error in the product alert process.
  • Error Email Sender: Select the role that the email will be “from.”
  • Error Email Template: Select the email template to use for product alert error notifications.


4- Manage the email template of Product Alters

  • From your dashboard go to System > Transactional Emails
  • Click on Add New Template 
  • For Template select Product stock alert
  • For Locale choose the language of the default template you want to edit
  • Click Load Template
  • Enter Template Name
  • In Template Content field you can manage the email content
  • Click Save Template



You should now be able to set up the out of stock products notifications.