After launching the store live, you might keep asking yourself how many new or return visitors do I’ve at my store during the last hour, day, week or month. More traffic leads for more sale eventually.

You can check out the traffic of your store from your Google analytics account, if you didn’t create one it and linked it your store, please check this article.

GW 3.5.1


What I can do with my Google analytic account?

Check the traffic of the store visitors and what the most pages are visited in your store.

  • Navigate to your Google analytic account
  • Then check the traffic in Overview page, you should be able to check the traffic by one of the following: Hourly, Day, Week or Month

GW 3.5.2

  • Also, you can check the percentage of new visitors vs returning visitors

GW 3.5.3


Try to add new product, category or page, in other language, try to make new change on the store and see the result, this might increase the traffic.


By the end of this article, you should be able to check your Google analytic account and track the traffic of the store.