Bandwidth is the amount of data that is being transferred from point to another. In another language, whenever a visitor accesses your online store, views your pages, image, and information, this action occupies space from the servers’ storage.

How much bandwidth limit does my store have?

We offer three types of subscription packages according to your online store’s needs, and each package comes with a specified bandwidth limit as shown in the below table:

  • Basic Package

     20 GB Bandwidth limit

  • Professional Package

     40 GB Bandwidth limit

  • Plus Package

     100 GB Bandwidth limit

Normally, if you are running a marketing campaigns or getting a lot of organic traffic on your store, you will receive an automatic alert when the bandwidth limit of your current package has reached 70%, 80% and 90%.

If you are planning to run a marketing campaign and expecting a lot of traffic on your store, it is recommended to inform your Growth Specialist 10 days before you start running such a campaign by Submitting a Ticket.

How to reduce bandwidth usage?

Every page on your store that has been visited will consume from your store’s bandwidth because every page has a specific Page Size depending on the length of the text and the size of the graphics displayed in the page and the best way to reduce your store’s pages size is by optimizing your store’s graphics. Follow this Article to read more information about image optimization.

Page Size

To discover the exact size of a specific page on your online store, run a speed test using one of the available online service (i.e. Pingdom, GTmetrix, and many more)