As a business owner, you should always consider running online marketing campaigns through Search Engine Marketing SEM, Pay-per-click PPC, Social Media Marketing SMM, Email or Affiliate marketing whether to raise the brand awareness before and after launching the store, drive traffic, leads and conversions to your store.

Plan your Marketing Campaigns


Before you start your first marketing campaign, you must consider following the below steps to achieve successful results:

  • Goals: Specify what you want to achieve, how much of a commitment will it take time, money, people?
  • Brand & Market: Focus on who matters to you. Who’s your ideal or core customer? What are their needs and interests? Why would they buy from you?
  • Start the campaigns to target the general catalog and then funnel the campaigns to be specific on categories > products > most selling products
  • Targeted Audience: What are the feature/benefits of my products
    What are the market needs/ competitors?
  • Budget: Develop a budget to establish how much money will be spent on different channels.
  • Channels: Discover and focus on the most effective marketing channels to engage, educate, entertain and nurture customers.
  • Measure & Optimize: Measure how marketing is performing
    explore ways to optimize to improve results and performance.
  • Calendar: Create a marketing calendar according to your targeted audience and set up a marketing budget throughout the year. Here is an example that you can use:


By end of this article, you should be able to know the different types of digital marketing and how to effectively plan your first marketing campaign.