One of the greatest ways to gain your customers’ loyalty and attract new visitors is by offering them “Promo Codes” this magic word that all the online shoppers are seeking to have it, now you can apply it on the store and offer your customers as many coupon codes as you want. And to encourage your visitors to become part of your family you can offer them there own Welcoming Promo Code.


1st Create the Promo Code:
- Go to Marketing > Promotion > Shopping Cart Price Rules
- Click on Add New Rule
- In Rule Information section fill the fields as below:
  • Rule Name: X% Discount for New Customers
  • Status: Active
  • Customer Groups: General (this is the default customer group for logged in customers)
  • Coupon: Specific Coupon
  • Uses per Customer: 1
- In Action section fill the fields as below:
  • Apply: Percent of product price discount
  • Discount Amount:  enter your discount amount (ex. 10)
- Click Save

2nd Edit the New Account email template by adding the Promo Code:
- Go to System > General Configurations > Sales > Transactional Emails
- Click the Add New Template button
- In the Load default template section
- In Template field choose New account
- Click the Load Template button
- Set Template Name to New Account with X% Promo Code
- In Template Content text field add the text you want (ex. Enjoy your X% Promo Code where you can use in your Shopping Cart Now (WELCOME2THEFAMILY))
- Click Save Template

3rd Set the edited Email Template for your Store:
- Go to System > Advanced > Settings
- Under Customers section select Customer Configuration
- Expand Create New Account Options tab
- Set Default Welcome Email to New Account with X% Promo Code
- Click Save Config

4rd Adding the PopWindow:
Now to get a pop-up window you can use Privy, design it as you wish, with your offer and requested details.
Privy will provide you with a code to be added to the head of your store, from ShopGo backend go to:
- System > Advanced > Settings
- From the left side menu under General > Design
- Expand HTML head tab > fill the code in Miscellaneous Scripts
- Click Save Config
Please let us know if you needed any help with Privy, or the Promo Code by submitting a new ticket here.


Now your customers can start using the Promo Code once they register to your store.