1.4 Disabling Store Views

1.4 Disabling Store Views


One of the most important and powerful features on your store is the ability to create multiple store views. This means you can offer your customers to browse your store in different languages. However, during On-Boarding, we recommend starting with one store view in order to put the minimum efforts in preparing the store and having your full focus on one store view at a time which will allow you to experience selling faster and easier to see how things go. 

From there you can either decide to add another store view or just keep it as one. By default, each store has two store views: English and Arabic. You might need to enable one store view and just disable the other one, such as enabling English and disabling Arabic.

In this example, we will disable the Arabic store view. In order to do that, kindly follow the below steps:

  • From your admin panel, go to System > Manage Stores
  • Then click on عربي under Store Views Name
  • Set Status to Disabled
  • Click on Save Store View

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 4.21.14 PM

To enable the store view back, you can just follow the previous steps and you set Status to Enable instead of Disable.


At the end of this article, you should be able to disable one store view and enable it later on whenever you need it.

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