5.2 When and How Should I Take My Store Live?

5.2 When and How Should I Take My Store Live?


” I’m learning to trust the journey even when I don’t understand it! – Unknown ” 

As you start the journey of building your online store, there are things that you consider and think about prior to taking your store live such as picking a logo, how many products you want to go live with, which payment and shipping methods to choose.. it’s a lot to take in a short time.. then as stages pass by, the pieces of the puzzle align in a perfect image of a ready store to go live!

Few things to ponder upon:

The Adrenaline Start

It’s only common sense when you buy a new thing to quickly open it and use it! This happens the moment you pay for your subscription to building your store with ShopGo; The excitement of picking the theme, uploading your first product and banner to seeing the final store look is simply exciting in the first week, or so.. then the work somehow puts you in a roller coaster of delays (hopefully not your case!). At ShopGo, we call this the Adrenaline Start then all reasons can cause the delay. Be careful of that, don’t fall for it. Do not delay your store’s launch! We’re warning you already!

Yalla – C’mon!

But why are we pushing you to launch? Simply because this time is money, you paid for it, you might as well want to use it by being there on the internet, where people can see your store and bring in traffic and start selling. Google is waiting to index your store for Search Engine Optimization (i.e. organic search), we are waiting to undergo speed optimization, there’s more to do with your store when it’s live over when it’s still in the building on boarding process.

SEO, What? 

So Google Search Engine takes up to 6 months to start showing good results for your store, we don’t want to bore you with these details now, as during The Growth Journey, there’s more to cover there (based on your package).

Going Live

There’s what we call: ShopGo’s Going Live, which you can call a soft launch of your store. During this stage, we disable store maintenance mode, carry speed optimization, and keep an eye on your store during it’s first month to see how it handles slowly growing traffic.. We recommend you do this soft launch prior to running a campaign on your store.


These are our few points for you as you consider taking your store live. As usual feel free to discuss Going Live with your On Boarding specialist during the dedicated calls.

Best of Luck!

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