5.3 Going Live Checklist

5.3 Going Live Checklist


Reading this article, means you’re recognizing that the work is all done, or almost all done. Of course the final decision is to be taken by the store owner, for that it’s recommended to go through the following few reminder points prior to taking your store live:

Place an order!

Placing an order can cover a few things together, so you need to make sure your homepage products (if not all store products) set to visible preferably with images, click on one to buy, check if your chosen payment and shipping methods are visible on the Checkout page then click on place the order. You should receive both the Sales and Transactional emails after placing the order. If all is good, then that’s one step complete.

Categories and Products

Are your categories there? Clickable and redirect to the right pages? Are your products displayed correctly with images, and the right price tag?


Did you check Welcome Message on top? Copyrights at bottom of your store? Are they updated with the messages you want to add?

Contact Information

Make sure the Store email addresses (“System” > “Advanced” > “Settings” > “General” > “Store email address”) are updated with your customer support email addresses. Once the customer fills the contact us form an email notification will reach to email address.

Footer links

Check whether all the links on the footer (bottom of your homepage) are taking you to their convenient correct pages.

Well that’s all for now.. we don’t worry about other things as we know that your dedicated Growth Specialist is all eyes and ears to spot what is missing on your store as they join you after the one month break to check on your store during Growth!

Happy Selling! Happy Traffic and Happy Going Live!

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