Additional sliders on the Homepage

Additional sliders on the Homepage


Do you want to promote some products on the homepage? do you want to add variety of product sliders other than the On Sale and New Arrival sliders.

You can do that by adding additional slider for a specific category.


1- Login to the admin dashboard.

2- Go to Catalog > Categories > Manage Categories 

3- Click on the category you want to create a slider for on the homepage to get the ID ,in the below example the ID # of Women Category is 4 :

4- Add the category ID you got to the below code, in our example the category id will be 4

{{block type="catalog/product_list" category_id="4" template="catalog/product/custom-list.phtml"}}

5- Go to Content > CMS > Pages:


6- Click on the page "Home page"

7- Click on Content under Page Information section:

8- Paste the code in step # 4  in the Content section and click on Save Page as shown below:

The slider will be added on the Homepage as shown below:


Please let us know if you needed any help with adding new sliders on the homepage by submitting a new ticket here.


By the end of this article you will be able to add a category slider on the Homepage of your store.


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